We conduct short seminars in the areas of data protection law, GDPR, BDSG, E-DSG in Germany and Switzerland.

Aims of the event:

Participants and interested parties should gain insight into data protection law and the legal situation in a compact, yet comprehensive seminar.

After participating, the participants will know the rights and obligations of the affected and the responsible body and will be able to classify and handle risks and opportunities that arise in day-to-day business in a practical manner.

The events are designed specifically for your needs and are aimed at both data protection officers and employees who are entrusted with the handling of personal data and its processing. Train your employees too!


  • Nomenclature, terms and general provisions
  • Principles relating to the processing of personal data
  • Rights of data subjects
  • Obligations of data controllers
    o Service providers
    o Commissioned data processing
    o Sector specifics (e.g. security, healthcare, industry)
  • Case studies from practice


Treuhandbüro Hälg AG,

Eichen office building
Wilerstrasse 73
9200 Gossau


Seehotel Adler

Harbour Street 4
78351 Bodman-Ludwigshafen

Current notice:

Due to the current Covid19 – pandemic, all attendance events are suspended until further notice.

Possible certifications:

  • Data Protection Consultant / GDPR Professional (CroPro)
  • Certified Data Protection Officer (CroPro)

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