Know-how protection

Since April 2019, all companies, from small businesses to large corporations, can protect your know-how and information that constitutes trade secrets. This means that important business information will not be disclosed to unauthorised third parties and the information will be protected regardless of whether it contains personal data.

But in order to benefit from the Business Secrets Act , you must also take action. And as soon as possible. Because this law, like the GDPR, also brings new obligations for companies. We will gladly help you with the implementation so that your trade secrets are sufficiently protected!

What is the procedure?

First, we thoroughly and comprehensively check whether your company is set up in compliance with the guidelines or whether there are smaller or larger gaps, which are updated and remedied. This also includes the compliance guidelines. We will provide you with external compliance managers, who will then draw up an appropriate protection concept for you, including all technical and organisational measures. Of course, contractual measures to protect your trade secrets are also drawn up and explained to your employees during training sessions.

In the event of violations, you will be supported by us through investigations to clarify the matter.


Protect your know-how too!

We ensure compliance and contribute to business continuity. Our experts support you in safeguarding your business secrets.


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We will gladly support you and take care of the protection of your know-how and business secrets.

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